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About Me


A self taught designer and artisan with a diverse portfolio of hand crafted home decor.

All items on my site are available for custom order.  Contact me with item #'s of interest along with desired color, size and material requests.  I will send you a free quote with price and time estimates.  


我的网站上的所有项目都可用于自己订单。 联系我,给我感兴趣的项目数字号#,以及所需的颜色,大小和材料要求。 我会给你一个免费报价和所需的时间。

About My Art


My crochet and knitted art are inspired by the intricate and beautiful patterns in nature.  I also enjoy co-creating and reusing discarded existing fabrics, frames and canvases to breathe new life into them.  

The complex and infinite patterns of crocheted and knitted fiber art provide exciting designs. They also bring a 3-dimensional impact with interesting see-through lights and shadows.  I strive to bring warmth and comfort to all spaces with my creations.



钩编和针织纤维艺术复杂而无限的图案提供了令人兴奋的设计。它们还通过有趣的透明灯光和阴影带来 3 维效果。我努力用我的创作为所有空间带来温暖和舒适。

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